Pannello Fir-Stock


A three ply shuttering panel
with a plastic overlay.

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FIR-STOCK® is a shuttering panel produced in the two traditional thicknesses: 21 and 27 mm, with an external plastic overlay.
The polyolefin based plastic overlay allows a perfect, uniform, smooth, and impression free concrete finish, improving the result of the traditional three ply spruce panels:

:: Abrasion resistance is considerably higher
:: Does not splinter when the panel is nailed
:: Less form release oil needed
:: Faster cleaning
:: Considerably extends the life of the panel


F1 Thickness: 21mm - Core: birch plywood

F2 Thickness: 21mm - Core: one spruce ply, two birch plies

F3 Thickness: 27mm - Core: three spruce plies


Strength Type F1 F2 F3
Thickness mm 21 21 27
Weight Kg/m2 15,5 14,5 15
Bending N/mm2 40 40 35
Strength Elastic Modulus N/mm2 10.000 10.000 8.500


Thanks to the plastic overlay, the panel shows excellent abrasion resistance


Technical Features of the Overlay

Surface Material Water Absorption < 3% ISO R62
Surface Hardness SHORE D>70,
JANKA 5,345
Abrasion Resistance cs17 500 gr. 10.000 revolutions -0,25 gr. -0,14 mm CS17 Solvay Lab.
Taber Abrasion Resistance 17.000 giri UNI 9115 DIN 68861/2
Surface Material Burning Resistance Meets FD STD 302 Supera la FD STD 302 FD STD 302 Solvay Lab
Salty Fog Resistance The panel doesn’t show any alterations DIN 50021 ISO9227


The images show the easy nailability of the FIR-STOCK panel and the absence of splintering, which is common in phenolic film faced plywood.


Thanks to its polypropylene based surface, the panel resists cement alkalis and other corroding agents.

Resistenza agli agenti chimici


The FIR-STOCK® panel can be supplied in standard dimensions, and other dimensions are available on request.

Standard dimensions

Code Thickness (mm) Internal structure Dimensions (mm)
F1 21 Birch Plywood 500 x 2500 x 3000
F2 21 Spruce-Birch Mix 500 x 2500 x 3000
F3 27 Three Ply Spruce 500 x 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000


The FIR-STOCK® panel consists of a birch plywood core overlaid with a polyolefin based plastic sheet. A study has shown that it is possible to re-use the FIR-STOCK® panel at the end of its lifecycle.
The panel, ground down with other materials and using injection technology, has been used to manufacture disposable formwork for ventilated under-floor cavities and plastic pallets. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that it is possible to close the life cycle of our product with very little environmental impact.